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Fancy some tasty-cles? Cooks fight for world’s tastiest testicle dish trophy in Serbia

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« Dozens of chefs from Serbia, Russia, India and abroad gathered in the small village of Lunjevica, Saturday, to participate in the World Testicle Cooking Competition – known locally as Mudriajda.
Balls from different kinds of animals were cooked, roasted and fried for the delight of visitors in an attempt to win the prize of the ‘tastiest testicles on the planet’ with a unique recipe.
Testicles are considered as aphrodisiacs for men in many different societies, and are often eaten in the world’s cuisine.
« I heard it from my friend, At first it sounded weird, how can you cook balls, but it’s a completely different thing, and we wanted to do something for the last few years when I heard about it, and then we have been planning it since last year and a half and here we are », said Ajid, a cooker from India.
The three-day festival is running every year since 2003. »

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