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‘I care about this country, I won’t let it happen’ – Thousands demonstrate against judicial overhaul in Tel Aviv for 35th consecutive week

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« Thousands of protesters held a rally for the 35th consecutive week to voice their discontent with the judicial overhaul of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government in Tel Aviv on Saturday.
Footage shows demonstrators chanting slogans, holding flags, burning flares and marching through the streets of Tel Aviv.
« I think there are many reasons why they keep up with this, I think a lot of it is [happening] because of the situation in which Netanyahu is in. I think he’s worried about his own future and he is at the point where he will do anything in order to stay in power and keep himself from prosecution, » said a protester.
Another demonstrator added, that the government aims to pass ‘the anti-democratic law’ aimed « against the civilians, against the minorities, against women, against gay people, and to enforce the fanatic religious people » in the country.
Mass protests against the government’s judicial overhaul have been going on for months in Israel. At the end of July, parliament passed a law that restricts the Supreme Court’s ability to declare government decisions ‘unreasonable’.
On September 12, the Supreme Court is set to hear petitions aiming to strike down the law. However, the government is seeking to postpone the date, according to media reports. »

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