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"Immediate expulsion of those who took part" – Israeli Prime Minister calls for strong action following Eritrean riots during cabinet meeting

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« Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened a special ministerial committee meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday in response to the recent outbreak of violent riots involving Eritrean immigrants in Tel Aviv.
« We are seeking strong steps against the rioters, including the immediate expulsion of those who took part. It is hard for me to understand why we would have a problem with those who declare that they support the regime; they certainly cannot claim refugee status. I would also like this forum to prepare a complete and updated plan to repatriate all of the remaining illegal infiltrators from the State of Israel, » said Israel’s Prime Minister.
On Saturday, clashes broke out between supporters of the Eritrean government celebrating Eritrea Day and opponents of the Eritrean president in front of the Eritrean embassy in Tel Aviv. The confrontations resulted in over 100 injuries and the arrest of 39.
« We voluntarily repatriated 12,000 of them with various incentives and measures. We wanted more. We proposed a series of steps, including the deposit, but unfortunately, all of them were rejected by the High Court of Justice, » Netanyahu stated.
According to media reports, Eritreans, both supporters and opponents of the Eritrean government, engaged in confrontations wielding construction lumber, metal fragments, and rocks. During the clashes, they targeted shop windows and police vehicles. Israeli law enforcement personnel, equipped in riot gear, responded by deploying tear gas, stun grenades, and live rounds, with mounted officers attempting to manage the protesters.
« What happened yesterday crossed a red line. This disturbance, the bloodshed, these are things that we cannot tolerate, » he added.
Approximately 20,000 Eritrean asylum seekers currently reside in Israel, with many of them having entered the country illegally via the border with Egypt. »


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