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Locals break Guinness World Record for most people using movie clapperboard at Valladolid International Film Festival

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« As 2023 Simenci Valladolid International Film Festival approaches, the city of Valladolid has made it into the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of people using film clapperboards at the same time on Saturday.
Footage shows hundreds of participants flocking to Campo Grande’s central park to take part in the challenge ‘Pucela se rueda’, which consists of rhythmically hitting more than 2,000 clapperboards at the same time.
« I did not expect so many people and the result has been incredible, People have given everything and once again Valladolid has achieved the record, » said Alicia Gomez Valcaza, a participant.
Another participant, Jesus Gomez said, « I think it is a family party, where parents, families, grandparents come. They have a good time, then there is a raffle. We had fun with live music and had a great time »
The Valladolid International Film Festival, known as ‘Seminci’, is a film festival held annually in Valladolid since 1956. This year’s edition will kick off on October 21st. »

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