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‘One more puppet’ – Hundreds demand resignation of Attorney General in Guatemalan City protest

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« Hundreds of citizens gathered in Guatemalan City to voice their concerns and demand accountability from the country’s Attorney General, Consuelo Porras, and the head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office Against Impunity, Rafael Curruchiche, on Saturday.
Footage captures protesters marching through the streets, chanting slogans, and carrying banners with slogans saying ‘If there are no reforms, there will be revolution,’ ‘Bloody coup perpetrators,’ and ‘Rats out.’
The protest came in response to perceived political bias and alleged attacks on the political party of President-elect Bernardo Arevalo.
« We are here because we do not want the corrupt pact of the dictatorship », shouted the demonstrators.
Their discontent stems from recent actions taken against the political party Movimiento Semilla, which was temporarily suspended on August 28 by a court ruling.
According to the protesters, the investigation launched by the Public Prosecutor’s Office into Movimiento Semilla is seen as a response to the party’s rejection of election results.
« We are asking that Consuelo Porras resigns because she is the head of the corruption that exists in the Public Ministry. She is one more puppet in the government that is being manipulated, but she must leave that position because she is damaging the democracy of our people, » explained a protester Rene Romero.
« We are already tired, just like me there are many who can no longer bear this situation of the government because instead of fulfilling its mandate, which is to protect the citizens, they have only gotten involved in political issues », added another protester, Martin Letona.
The Public Ministry rejected the protesters’ accusations and explained that they have maintained an objective investigation process, in which they have not violated fundamental guarantees.
In response to the protesters’ accusations, the Public Prosecutor’s Office defended its actions, emphasising that its investigation into Movimiento Semilla has maintained objectivity and upheld fundamental guarantees, denying any wrongdoing in their process. »


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