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Samsun city grapples with severe flooding after record-breaking rainfall in Turkey

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« Heavy rainfall caused street flooding in Samsun city on Sunday, with 147 kilograms of precipitation per square meter falling in just 6 hours.
Footage shows streets transformed into lakes, with some vehicles stranded in the water, leaving locals facing significant challenges. As the waters receded, the landscape revealed the extent of the damage: roads were split, and cars lay on their sides.
The Turkish State Meteorological Service and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) issued a serious alert for the Black Sea region. This alert proved to be well-founded, as the heavy rainfall on September 3rd caused widespread flooding and devastation in Samsun and Giresun in the Black Sea region.
Local officials have underscored that this ongoing disaster exceeds the magnitude of the floods witnessed in June. It has left residents trapped, disrupted public transportation services, and prompted municipal teams to take various emergency actions to manage the situation. »


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