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Spice it up! Mexico City’s taco festival, where flavor, fun, and records collide

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« ‘Tacos Tacos’ first-ever festival featured 100 taquerias in Mexico City on a Saturday, aiming to break the Guinness World Record for the most tacos prepared in an hour.
Footage shows various team members from the participating taco shops skillfully crafting the typical Mexican dish. Meanwhile, delighted attendees savoured the delicious results.
« Serve people, I like to communicate with people, I like my job, » said a taquero named Eduardo Hernandez.
The Mixed Promotion of Tourism in Mexico City, in collaboration with Chilango magazine, organized this event to celebrate Mexico’s iconic culinary masterpiece while also attempting to break a record.
“We want to break that record,” said a taquera named Sara Ortiz.
According to the organisers, ‘El Taco Loco’ taqueria shattered the previous record of 5,000 tacos by impressively serving up 6,200 tacos in just one hour.
Along with this ambitious feat, the gastronomic festival will feature a salsa contest and live musical performances by notable Mexican bands. »


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