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‘This one is less serious’ – Macau residents return to normal life as Typhoon Saola backs down

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« Minor flooding was seen on the streets of Macau as Typhoon Saola swept past the city early on Saturday morning and moved away.
The footage filmed on Saturday shows the pools on streets and waterproof gates securing shop windows as well as public workers removing fallen trees and branches at Guia Hill Fitness Trail.
Macau residents noted that the storm hadn’t caused much damage to the property and if compared with the recent Typhoon Hato, this one was ‘less serious.’
Macau Civil Protection Operations Center reported that 247 people moved into 17 emergency shelters and four emergency evacuation stopping points in the city. Altogether 188 accidents were reported, with six people injured.
On Friday local authorities ordered all casinos to close in the gambling hub and raised the storm warning to the highest. However on Saturday morning, the level dropped to eight, and the city gradually returned to normal life. »


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