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Violent clashes between Eritrean protesters, Israeli police leave behind chaos in Tel Aviv

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« Over a hundred people were injured in Tel Aviv on Friday after rival Eritrean migrant groups violently clashed with each other and police, leaving behind chaos in the Israeli coastal city.
Footage filmed on Saturday shows the aftermath including property damage on cars and buildings, shattered windows, devastated rooms and glass on the streets. Cleaning operations could also be seen alongside a police patrols in the streets.
Israeli police reportedly used stun grenades, among other measures, to break up Eritrean government supporters and opponents of President Isayas Afewerki who had clashed during Eritrea Day celebrations organised by the Eritrean embassy.
Dozens of police officers were injured and over a dozen people sustained gunshot wounds, according to local media reports.
The clashes erupted during an event marking Revolution Day, commemorating the beginning of the Eritrean War of Independence in 1961. Afewerki has been in power in Eritrea since the country gained independence in 1993.  »

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