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Germany: ‘Those peppers kick’ – Germany’s first chili speed-eating contest held in Berlin

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« Hot pepper enthusiasts gathered at the Berlin Chili Fest witnessed Germany’s and held Germany’s first chili spead-eating contest in Berlin on Sunday.
50 of the country’s toughest spicy pepper eaters took part in the competition, 15 of whom made it to the final.
« It was a lot of fun, qualifying for it was a lot of fun but yeah those peppers do kick your butt, after a while I was getting a little boozy, so you have to know your limitations but it was a lot of fun just being there and taking part, » a Chili Eating participant said.
« This is a great turnout, so much better than I thought it’s going to be. Last one was good, this one is just spectacular. We have so many fun things that we’re doing here a lot of people who love spice food, » a visitor said.
The Best Amateur Hot Sauce Berlin competition was also held as part of the festival featuring amateur hot sauce producers from across Germany and other European countries. Visitors to the festival had the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of hot sauces alongside pepper plants and other products related to the spicy vegetable.
On 17 September 2022, Greg Foster earned a record title for the fastest time to eat 10 Carolina Reaper chilies after scarfing them down in an impressive 33.15 seconds. »

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