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Hundreds attend mass funeral in Johannesburg to pay tribute to victims of apartment building inferno

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« Hundreds of people attended a mass funeral in Johannesburg on Sunday night to bury the victims of the apartment building fire that killed at least 77 people and injured dozens.
Footage shows burial coaches arriving at the Olifantsvlei Cemetery with locals standing around the coffins to hold a prayer and proceed with the ceremony.
According to reports, the multi-storey building which caught fire was owned by the city but had been turned into informal housing. The so-called ‘hijacked’ building, which is commonly seen in many parts of downtown Johannesburg, refers to structures abandoned by landlords and taken over by gangs and leased out to homeless people or migrants.
The cause of the blaze hasn’t been confirmed yet, however, buildings of such kind often fail to meet basic safety regulations.
City officials confirmed that at least 12 children were killed in inferno. President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa described the fire as a ‘wake-up call’ and a ‘tragedy’. »


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