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‘It won’t solve the big problems’ – Paris locals react on abaya ban in French schools as new session starts

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« Parisians reacted on a new ban of abayas, robes mainly worn by Muslim women, in French schools, as students returned for a new school year on Monday.
« I don’t think it will solve the big problems we have in France with schools, but on the other hand it’s good to have a clearer rule because it was starting to cause problems in some high schools, » commented a resident.
Footage shows high school students heading back to their schools on the first day of the new semester, and local residents in the French capital sharing their thoughts on the abaya ban.
« It doesn’t seem to be a priority at all, given the current state of schools and national education in France. At every level, whether it’s human resources, materials or academic standards, it gives the impression that it’s a pretext for diverting attention from real concerns, » said a local resident.
Last month, French Education Minister Gabriel Attal announced that the wearing of abayas for girls and qamis garments for boys will be forbidden in public schools with the start of the new school year on September 4. President Emmanuel Macron defended the ban saying to reporters last week that the country’s authorities will be ‘uncompromising’ to enforce the measure, while pledging assistance for schools. »


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