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Madrid grapples with torrential rains, Mayor advises all residents to stay home

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« Streets were flooded and reparation works were underway in Madrid on Monday, in the aftermath of the heavy rains that swept across Spain in the last days.
Several subway lines in central Madrid were temporarily closed, while Madrid’s mayor has advised all residents to stay home as the Spanish capital city prepares for further torrential rain and storms affecting different parts of the country.
The adverse weather prompted the government of the Community of Madrid to send mass alerts to residents’ mobile phones, urging them to stay at home and providing information about the red weather alert.
According to media reports, the national weather agency issued a maximum red alert for Madrid, Toledo and Cadiz regions, indicating possible extreme danger, with up to 120 litres per square meter of rain expected over 12 hours in Madrid.
The storms, caused by isolated depression at high levels of the atmosphere, a meteorological phenomenon known in Spain as ‘cold drip’ or DANA, particularly affected the southwest of Madrid and the province of Toledo. At least four people were confirmed dead, and four others were reported missing. »


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