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Oar-inspiring: Historic regatta takes over Venice’s Grand Canal

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« Venice hosted its renowned historic Regatta on Sunday, featuring a captivating water parade through the city’s iconic canals. This annual event, held on the first Sunday of September, draws in countless tourists from around the globe.
The Regatta began with a ceremonial parade in costume and on historic boats, such as Mascarete, Gondolas, and Bissone, down the Grand Canal. These meticulously adorned vessels added a vibrant splash of colour to the occasion.
The rowing competitions took place between the different districts of Venice.
Roberto Padron, Mayor of Longarone and president of Belluno Province, expressed the deep bond between the regatta and the city of Venice. « Our story is story deeply tied to Venice, why a part of this city was built with wood that our rafters brought here, to this city which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, today be here to open this moment in regatta history. »
The regatta is rooted in history, with its earliest depiction dating back to the 13th century when Venice was still a major maritime power and shipping was an important industry.
Originally organised to celebrate religious festivities and special occasions in the Middle Ages, these events eventually evolved into a grand celebration of Venice’s glorious past after the city joined the Kingdom of Italy. »


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