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‘Premier Li Qiang will lead a delegation to New Delhi G20 Summit’- MOFA spox

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« China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) spokesperson, Mao Ning, stated that Premier Li Qiang would attend this week’s Group of 20 Summit in New Delhi, speaking during a press briefing in Beijing on Monday.
« Premier Li Qiang will lead the delegation to the New Delhi G20 Summit in India. The G20 is an important forum for international economic cooperation. China has all along attached great importance to and taken an active part in G20 events., » said Mao Ning, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry.
The statement comes amid media outlets’ report that President Xi Jinping may miss the event, scheduled for next weekend. Mao neither directly confirmed nor denied Chinese President Xi Jinping’s attendance, dodging related questions during the press conference.
« Premier Li Qiang will share China’s views and propositions on G20 cooperation, and promote greater solidarity and cooperation among G20 countries and joint response to global economic and development challenges. We are ready to work with all parties to make the G20 Summit a success and contribute to the steady recovery of the global economy and sustainable development, » she added.
The summit scheduled for September 9-10 was anticipated to be a platform for a potential encounter between Xi and Biden. The latter has confirmed his participation in the event to be held in New Delhi.
Mao Ning urged the US to improve diplomatic ties with Vietnam by abandoning the ‘Cold War mentality’ and adhering to the basic principles of international relations.
The Chinese spokesperson also commented on the US illegal fishing accusation to Beijing and said that China committed to science-based conservation and sustainable use of international fisheries resources.
« Before identifying other nations as engaged in IUU fishing without valid reasons, the US needs to first of all take a hard look at itself and think seriously about how to stop the IUU fishing activities of its own fishing vessels, » She concluded. »


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