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‘Special forces took him before his escape’ – Israeli forces raid Jenin, arresting several Palestinians in 1st operation since July

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« The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conducted an operation in the Jenin refugee camp on Monday for the first time in two months, leading to clashes between the forces and armed Palestinians, as reported by Israeli sources.
Footage shows locals gathering in the streets of Jenin, setting wheels on fire, and launching attacks on IDF vehicles and bulldozers using stones and explosives. In response, the IDF returned fire. Additionally, an ambulance is seen navigating through the ongoing clashes.
“Yamam’s units and dogs came from the Al-Jabriyat area. They descended on the house of Al-Zaeem’s family, our neighbour, and stormed the martyr’s house of the Shuraim family looking for wanted,” said Mujahid Dhabaya, an eyewitness.
“The young men tried to clash with them to escape the house. The clashes broke out and the young man, Ward Shuraim, was injured, and Abdullah Sobh was arrested. Moatasem Al-Jaaysa, they found him at the door of the house, they took him and arrested him using police dogs, and the family was also attacked,” he added.
According to Israeli media reports, three Palestinians affiliated with Hamas were detained during the arrests. In the process of these arrests, several Palestinians attempted to flee the building and were fired upon by IDF forces. As of now, there has been no official confirmation from the IDF regarding the condition of those who were shot.
“Ward (his son) tried to escape by jumping over the wall after his injury due to the clashes. The special forces took him before his escape. Till now, I don’t know anything about him, » said Muhammad Shuraim, the owner of the house that was raided.
On the other hand, Palestinian media sources have stated that Israeli forces arrested three civilians from the Jenin refugee camp, including two who sustained gunshot wounds during the arrest operation.
The director of Jenin Government Hospital has reported that the emergency room has received five cases of minor limb injuries caused by bullets fired by the IDF in the Jenin camp. »

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