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‘The important day of our village!’ – Zundert blooms during world’s largest flower float parade

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« The Dutch town of Zundert held the annual ‘Corso’ parade over the weekend, in which twenty villages participated with giant floats covered entirely with dahlias.
The parade draws a large crowd of people every year.
Footage captured on Sunday features floats on display along with a performance show, which culminated in the announcement and awarding of the 2023 champion.
“For me, it’s a great honour to be part of this great festivity. Because in this village we all work together to make the floats and to work as a team. And it’s something that we live for all year through, » said Peter Dictus, one of the parade participants with the ‘Charlatan’ float.
 »This day is one of the most important days or the important day of our village and it’s nice to be part of that, » he continued.
The floats themselves tower up to nine meters in height and stretch nineteen meters in length. Each one represents a wide array of characters and situations, from colossal milk cartons to towering sloths and abstract art displays.
The parade in Zundert, according to local sources, is unique in its dedication to sustainability. The floats used in the parade are taken apart after the exhibition, and the floral components are used to make fertilizer for the fields surrounding the town. In total, around 40 hectares of land are dedicated to growing the flowers used in this event.
In this year’s edition, the top prize went to the ‘Nanook’ float created by the Poteind group. It won the Corso in Zundert. It was judged best by the jury but also won the audience award. The Nanook car made a big impression.
This masterpiece featured a gigantic polar bear surrounded by Eskimos, captivating the judges and spectators alike with its artistry and symbolism.
The Poteind group won this year’s edition of the Corso in Zundert with their float named ‘Nanook’. The float depicted a gigantic polar bear surrounded by Eskimos. Both the audience and the jury declared it as the best float of the event, as reported by local media.
Zundert is not only famous for hosting this remarkable event but also holds a special place in history as the birthplace of the renowned post-impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh, who had a deep love for flowers. Since 1936, the town has continued to uphold this cherished tradition, now listed under UNESCO’s Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention since 2012. »


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