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Trucks await to cross from Cameroon as Gabon coup leaders reopen borders

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« Dozens of truck drivers who were stranded in the border town of Kye-Ossi on Sunday were pleased that Gabon’s military decided to reopen the borders, that were closed after a coup last week.
Truck drivers were seen waiting next to their trucks, where they set up makeshift camps to spend the nights while the borders were still closed.
“It’s difficult already because we share blood ties, and when the border is closed we are penalised by the purchases we make here, by the parents because we cannot cross and go visit them, in fact it’s a general penalty,” said Ovono, a Gabonese citizen.
Gabon’s coup leaders said on Saturday that that they reopened borders, three days after ousting former President Ali Bongo from power.
Gabon is the latest in a wave of coups across West and Central Africa. Military leaders also seized power in Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad, Guinea, and Mali since 2021, all of them former French colonies. »


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