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‘Very respectful’- Pope Francis comments on Vatican relationship with China

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« Head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis stated that the Vatican’s relationship with China has been characterised by a high degree of respect, yet there is a shared recognition that there is room for further progress in enhancing mutual understanding, in Vatican City, on Monday.
“The relationship with China is very respectful, very respectful. I personally have great admiration for the Chinese people. The channels are very open – for the appointment of bishops, there is a commission that has been working with the Chinese government and the Vatican for a long time. Then there are many, or rather there are some, Catholic priests or Catholic intellectuals who are often invited to Chinese universities to offer courses,” Pope Francis stated.
His Holiness placed further emphasis on the significance of progress in the realm of religion to cultivate a deeper understanding between the Vatican and China. He pointed out that this would aid in averting the perception among Chinese citizens that the Church is incompatible with their culture and values or under the influence of foreign powers.
“This friendly path is well-followed by the Commission chaired by Cardinal Parolin: they are doing a good job, and even on the Chinese side, relations are moving forward. I have great respect for the Chinese people,” he added.
During his flight to and from Mongolia, Pope Francis also conveyed his greetings to Chinese President Xi Jinping via a telegram. After his primary Mass in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, he offered a special acknowledgement to the people of China. »


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