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Aftermath of Typhoon Haikui in Fuqing as emergency workers continue clean-up *DRONE FOOTAGE*

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« The aftermath of Typhoon Haikui is seen in drone footage from Fuqing in the Chinese province of Fujian on Tuesday.
Flooded streets and buildings can be seen, with city workers removing water and mud from the roads, as well as an excavator moving rubbish that had been washed into the side of a bridge.
Three people remain missing, while the local fire brigade reported that one of its engine was swept away during a rescue operation.
Typhoon Haikui made landfall in Dongshan County, Fujian, at around 5:20 am on Tuesday ((21:20 GMT Monday). According to the Fujian Meteorological Observatory, the typhoon brought with winds as strong as 20 metres per second around its centre. »

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