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Building collapse in Uttar Pradesh claims three lives, injures 10 others

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« The aftermath of Monday’s building collapse in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, which killed three people and injured 10 more, was seen on Tuesday.
Footage shows a survivor being pulled from the rubble by the emergency services, as well as others being treated on stretchers and loaded into ambulances.
« During the early hours of last night at around 3 am (21:30 Sunday), I was awakened by a loud noise, » explained resident Imamuddin. « As I rushed outside, I found my entire family had fallen to the ground. »
« My brother fell from a height of 12 feet and lost his life suddenly, » he continued. « My mother, wife, children, and sister sustained injuries, and I myself suffered injuries as well. Currently, all members of my family are receiving medical treatment at the hospital. »
Huge piles of rubble and heavy machinery were also seen at the site. The cause of the collapse of the three-storey building is being investigated. »


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