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Climate denounce ‘greenwashing’ at International Motor Show Germany in Munich

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« Activists from the Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions and for Citizens’ Action (‘attac’) held a performance protest in Luitpoldpark against the International Motor Show Germany (IAA), celebrated in Munich on Tuesday, an event they accused of ‘greenwashing’.
Footage features activists holding a banner reading ‘Don’t burn out future’ as well as placards with logos of Volkswagen, BMW, and Benz and a picture of new German transport minister Volker Wissing. The protesters then set a structure reading ‘1.5’, in reference to the climate goal of lowering global temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius.
« The day has brought attention to the 1.5 degrees (Celsius) issue [rising of global temperature]. We have done our best to make the Federal Government understand that this IAA event can not take us to our climate goals and lower the 1.5 degrees goal. Therefore, we tried distracting them with the Greenpeace that cars do not have a future and they must find a way to make cars more sustainable », said an activist.
The IAA (‘Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung’ in German) is one of the world’s largest mobility trade fairs, and it has sparked climate activists criticism for the past years. In 2021, activists displayed images of severe weather incidents and banners cautioning against the consequences of climate change. »


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