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‘Economy is also about geopolitics’ – Baerbock at Conference of Heads of German Missions in Berlin

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« Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and Economy Minister Robert Habeck made key statements at the annual Conference of the Heads of German Missions in Berlin on Tuesday.
Baerbock, underlining that the economy is related to geopolitics, stated that Germany is concerned about the financial situation due to the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
« 55 percent, that was known to be the share of Russian gas in Germany, 90 percent high is China’s share of global production of the critical raw material lithium, which Beijing is now subjecting to export controls. As many as 27.6 million people worldwide are affected by human trafficking. These figures show that networking not only harbours opportunities but also risks and dangers, and that the economy is also about geopolitics in these times, which are now being so brutally driven by a war of aggression, by the Russian war of aggression, and which have not driven up growth and prosperity worldwide, but in particular inflation, especially with food, » she said.
« This terrible Russian war of aggression affects also in Germany, and that is why we can not only look at the economic situation with optimism but also with concern, with inflation rising also in Europe, also among us, high energy prices and supply bottlenecks in our country. The fatal dependence on Russian gas and oil means that we continue to travel expensively, » she continued while addressing the conference which is held to discuss global developments and German foreign policy.
Germany’s Foreign Minister also told that the government has accelerated the energy transition to avoid a possible energy crisis.
The Conference of the Heads of German Missions which is traditionally held in the German capital every year will continue until September 7 with the participation of the heads of the more than 220 embassies, consulates general and permanent missions to international organisations. »


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