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EC’s Von der Leyen, Kenya’s Ruto launch Green Hydrogen Strategy at Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi

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« European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Kenyan President William Ruto officially launched the Green Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap for Kenya at the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi on Tuesday.
Footage also shows them officially signing off on the start of the initiative at an event along with Vice President of the European Investment Bank Thomas Ostros and Barbel Kofler, Germany’s parliamentary state secretary.
The roadmap, a joint project with the EU, sets out the country’s ambitions for green hydrogen industry until 2032, while the bloc will fund nearly 12 million euros in grants to help with public and private investment for the sector.
Von der Leyen, Ruto and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres are also seen arriving for the second day of the talks.
The continent’s first climate summit is focused on green growth and finance solutions, with Africa experiencing a huge number of climate-related challenges, including drought, desertification and food crises.
Kenya hosts the Africa Climate Summit on September 4-6. Over 30,000 delegates, including 25 leaders, are attending the event. »


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