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German Parliament hold general financial debate on 2024 federal budget

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« Members of parliament discussed Germany’s 2024 federal budget in Berlin on Tuesday with inflation and military spendings being the main topic points.
« We are experiencing a budget debate in very serious, difficult times where various crises are overlapping, we are experiencing a brutal war in the middle of Europe, triggered by Russian imperialism, which has massive effects on our energy supply, on inflation and on the economy, » Sven-Christian Kindler, member of parliament for The Greens explained, calling for a budget that ‘strengthens social and societal cohesion’.
Mathias Middelberg, a member of Parliament for the CDU claimed the economy in Germany to be ‘at a crossroads’ criticising the work of the coalition in power so far.
Middelberg argued that due to a series of crises, the coalition agreement between the SPD, Bundnis 90/Die Grunen and FDP ‘no longer has any basis for business’.
« The fact is this government has no single line, it has no plan for this country and that is an extremely bitter message for people in this difficult economic situation, » he explained.
The government spending on the armed forces was also criticised, notably by Gesine Lotzsch, a member of parliament for The Left party.
« In less than 100 days they decided on a special fund for the Bundeswehr in the amount of 100 billion euros, but they are not able to implement a real basic child security in four years and that is a real indictment, » she stated.
The Federal Ministry of Finance is expected be able to spend 9.7 billion euros in 2024, a slight increase from the 9.67 billion euros spent in 2023.
Revenues, on the other hand, are expected to decline: from 521.2 million euros to 242.25 million euros. »


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