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Leading auto manufacturers showcase cutting-edge innovations at IAA 2023 in Munich

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« Major automotive manufacturers showcased their most recent innovations and unique features for automobiles and commercial vehicles as the International Motor Show (IAA) kicked off in Munich, on Tuesday.
Assistant to the IAA Mobility Anabel commented that the opening of the show provides a fantastic opportunity for industry professionals to connect, establish business agendas, and showcase opportunities from all regions present.
She added that with countries from Europe, the Americas, and various parts of the world in attendance, there is ample room for fostering connections and conducting business meetings with numerous companies.
« I believe most of the consumers would like a car with all the features autonomous at least self-driving so we have been working on that for several years and I believe our product can serve our consumers very well, » added Yuen Lee, a DeepRout.ai company representative.
To initiate the IAA Mobility event in Munich this year, automobile giants Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart have introduced their newest designs and visionary concepts. It marks the commencement of one of the world’s largest exhibitions of technology and innovation. »

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