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‘Legitimate, reasonable and necessary’ – MOFA spox defends Chinese ban on Japanese seafood after Tokyo’s complaint to WTO

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« Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning defended China’s ban on Japanese seafood export, stating that the measures were ‘completely legitimate, reasonable, and necessary,’ speaking during the daily briefing in Beijing on Tuesday.
Mao Ning highlighted Japan’s Fukushima discharge of nuclear-contaminated water into the sea, emphasising that there is no recognised disposal standard for such an action in the peaceful use of nuclear energy.
« The international community is generally concerned about the risks to the marine environment and public safety brought by Japan’s move, and has taken preventive measures, » stated Mao Ning.
The statement from China’s spokesperson came after Tokyo’s complaint to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) regarding the ban on Japanese seafood after the release of treated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant, which Japan deemed as « totally unacceptable. »
Tokyo began the release of more than one million metric tons of the water used to cool Fukushima’s damaged reactors, starting with 7,800 cubic metres over 17 days from Thursday, August 24.
China announced a ban on seafood imports from Japan to ‘prevent the risk of radioactive contamination of food’, accusing Tokyo of being ‘extremely selfish and irresponsible’. There have also been concerns from the fishing community.
Mao Ning also condemned Taiwan authorities listing of “four appeals” on Taiwan’s UN participation, calling it a ‘dangerous provocation’.
« The wheel of history is advancing, and the complete reunification of China will surely come true, » she added.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson also touched on the situation in Niger, expressing support for peaceful resolution of differences through diplomatic dialogue and calling for ensuring President Bazoum’s personal safety. »


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