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Moutai magic! Kweichow Moutai and Luckin Coffee brew up buzz with baijiu latte in Beijing

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« Kweichow Moutai and the coffee brand Luckin Coffee introduced a new latte in Beijing, advertised as containing baijiu, a colourless Chinese luxury liquor.
Footage captured on Tuesday shows many young people purchasing their first cup of the luxury liquor Kweichow Moutai at the domestic cafe chain Luckin Coffee.
The collaboration was an instant hit, with several related hashtags soaring to the top of Weibo’s Hot List in just over half a day, each amassing over 100 million views.
“The Moutai liquor coffee in the Luckin coffee store near my work has been sold out. I only found one store here that still sells it, but I have to wait in line on my phone for more than an hour to get it, so it’s really popular now. Many of my colleagues also went to buy this coffee and generally waited for more than an hour,” explained Zhang, a customer.
According to the official online release, the ‘Moutai Latte’ is made with liquor-flavoured milk that contains Kweichow Moutai and the level of alcohol in the beverage is less than 0.50 per cent, making it a suitable amount for youngsters who are trying it for the first time.
In terms of price, the collaboration is budget-friendly. A cup is priced at 38 RMB, but during the launch period, customers can take advantage of a discount and purchase a cup for only 19 yuan.
This partnership between expensive and affordable brands has used China’s « Guochao » trend, bringing surprise, joy, and nostalgia to consumers, resulting in newfound popularity for both brands. The Guochao trend mirrors a rising preference for local luxury brands that embrace Chinese cultural traditions and boost national pride. »


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