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North Korea ‘will pay a price’ if it provides weapons to Russia – WH National Security Advisor Sullivan

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« White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated that North Korea will face consequences if it supplies weapons to Russia, at a press conference in Washington DC on Tuesday.
« Providing weapons to Russia for use on the battlefield to attack grain silos and the heating infrastructure of major cities as we head into winter, to try to conquer territory that belongs to another sovereign nation, is not going to reflect well on North Korea and they will pay a price for this in the international community », said Sullivan.
« We have also imposed sanctions, specific targeted sanctions to try to disrupt any effort to use North Korea as a conduit or as a source for weapons going to Russia. We did so as recently as mid-August, and we have continued to convey privately as well as publicly to the North Koreans and asked allies and partners to do the same our view that they should abide by their publicly stated commitments that they’re not going to provide these weapons, » he added.
Sullivan’s remarks came after two senior US officials reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un plans to visit Russian President Vladimir Putin later this month to discuss weapons supplies. According to US media, Kremlin representatives abstained from commenting on the reports.
Moscow launched a military offensive in Ukraine in late February 2022 after recognising the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR), claiming that Kiev had failed to guarantee their special status under the 2014 Minsk Agreements, and urging Ukraine to declare itself officially neutral and give assurances that it would never join NATO.
Kiev denounced the Russian action as an invasion. Zelensky imposed martial law throughout the country, announcing a general mobilisation, while the EU and the US imposed several rounds of sanctions on Moscow. »


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