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‘One min they call us heroes, next min they don’t want to sign our contracts’ – 23 healthcare workers arrested at Labour Day rally

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« Dozens of healthcare workers gathered in front of Kaiser Permanente at Sunset blvd on Labour Day, Monday, demanding better wages, more staffing and fair treatment as the health sector is still overburdened after the COVID pandemic.
Protesters could be seen sitting on Sunset Blvd, closing traffic while chanting slogans and holding signs calling for fair treatment such as « I can afford to live where I work » and « Respect and value healthcare workers. »
Later, Los Angeles Police Department officers arrested 23 protesters for “civil disobedience”, declaring the protest an unlawful assembly.
« We are here to send support and solidarity because we are going through the same things, short staffing, underpaid, no respect, treating us like zeros instead of heroes, where we are supposed to be, » healthcare worker Xochitl Gonzalez said.
« One minute they call us heroes and the next minute, they don’t want to sign our contracts. We want to get better staffing to take care of our patients. A lot of us are over-working, we have been coming out of a pandemic, » another protester added. »


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