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‘Syrian people are united,’ – Anti-govt protest continues in As-Suwayda

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« Dozens of demonstrators in the southern Syrian city of As-Suwayda continued their anti-government protest on Tuesday, motivated by deteriorating economic conditions.
Footage shows protesters chanting slogans such as ‘Syria is ours, not owned by Assad’s family,’ ‘The entire nation is free,’ and ‘Oh Bashar, you coward, send your soldiers to the Golan Heights.’
Demonstrators can be seen holding banners such as ‘Road closed, the country is under maintenance,’ ‘We want a country that doesn’t practice sectarian domination and military repression,’ ‘Our people co-founded human civilization, but the hunger for power and violence have distorted our history,’ and ‘Corrupted people defend corruption, but free people defend freedom, and only champions defend revolution.’
These demonstrations have arisen following a governmental choice to eliminate fuel subsidies and raise fuel prices to evolve into a demand for government overthrow.
Syria’s economic situation has been severely impacted by the decade-long war that devastated the country, and the region continues to suffer from the aftermath of the earthquake that occurred in February. Additionally, sanctions imposed by Western countries have reportedly had a significant adverse effect on the Syrian economy. »


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