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Taxi drivers join slow drive protest in Barcelona against fines for boycotting ride-hailing app vehicles

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« Hundreds of taxi drivers staged a slow driving protest to the Catalan parliament in central Barcelona on Tuesday, after their union was fined for having boycotted the ride-hailing app vehicles.
Footage shows about 300 taxis participating in the protest against the 123,000 euro fine that the Catalan Competition Authority (ACCO) imposed on the ‘Elite Taxi’ union for boycotting Uber and other rideshare platforms.
Elite Taxi’s spokesperson Tito Alvarez announced that there will another mobilisation of taxis on September 11, on the National Day of Catalonia.
« The taxi is going to call for a big mobilisation because we are suffering repression from a Catalan institution for a fine that no one understands. I’ll give you more details later, but there will be a strike, I’ll give you more detail of the march and the route and the number of hours that we’re going to stop, but on September 11 taxis will be on the street because we think it is a symbolic day to make an anti repressive march, that is what we’re suffering here, » said Alvarez.
Taxi drivers can also be seen sticking big banknotes with face of Catalan Competition Authority’s (ACCO) president Roger Loppacher on their cars during the protest. »


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