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‘This is a win-win partnership’ – EU’s von der Leyen pledges to help Africa tackling climate change at summit in Nairobi

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« European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at the African Climate Summit in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi, on Tuesday, stated that the EU is committed to help Africa tackling climate change.
« This is a win-win partnership which benefits Africa and the world. For instance, the benefits of expanding Africa’s clean energy sector would be massive. By speeding up the transition to solar and wind power, energy sector jobs in Africa could double in a few years. And Africa could produce enough clean energy not only to power up your continent, but also to export abroad, » Von der Leyen said.
« Climate action can be one of the main drivers of Africa’s growth. But for this, Africa needs massive investment. And Europe wants to be your partner, wants to be your partner in closing this investment gap, » she added.
EC President underlined that the European Union will help to develop African green bond market as the continent seeks to finance its energy transition.
« Europe has the biggest and most advanced green bond market in the world. So we are ready to share our expertise with your teams on how to develop your own green bond markets, » she commented.
Von der Leyen said that the European Investment Bank and EU member states are allocating 1 billion euros to de-risk private investments in emerging markets and this could help to attract up to 20 billion euros in sustainable investment.
On the same day EC President together with Kenyan President William Ruto along with Vice President of the European Investment Bank Thomas Ostros and Barbel Kofler, Germany’s parliamentary state secretary, officially launched the Green Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap for Kenya.
The climate summit is focused on green growth and finance solutions, with Africa experiencing a huge number of climate-related challenges, including drought, desertification and food crises.
Kenya hosts the Africa Climate Summit on September 4-6. Over 30,000 delegates, including 25 leaders, are attending the event. »


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