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Thousands rally in Buenos Aires to condemn controversial tribute to Guerrilla victims organised by right-wing party

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« Thousands of members from leftist and other human rights organisations gathered in front of the Buenos Aires City Legislature to denounce a controversial tribute organised by a right-wing party in Buenos Aires on Monday. The tribute aimed to honour victims of left-wing guerrilla organisations and was promoted by the right-wing vice-presidential candidate Victoria Villarruel, who is running alongside Javier Milei for the October 22 elections.
Demonstrators were seen protesting against fences, shouting slogans, and holding banners, while the police could be seen setting up barriers around the City Legislature, where the event organised by Villarruel took place.
« We have to remember that the military dictatorship not only disappeared our companions, the 30,000 detained and disappeared companions, but also came to establish an economic plan, a social and political plan at the service of imperialism, and it is what they want to do because it will advance all our rights », said a protest against the event said.
The event featured talks by three individuals who had lost family members to leftist guerrilla violence in the 1970s prior to the 1976 military coup.
Victoria Villarruel, the vice-presidential candidate who had promoted the tribute, was spotted leaving the building accompanied by her security team, following the conclusion of the event.
« Hundreds of victims were massacred by terrorists so we have to have memories to remember them », explained a Militant in favour of the act Salvador Gargiulo.
The military dictatorship that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983 is widely regarded as one of the most brutal in Latin America’s history. It resulted in the disappearance of approximately 30,000 individuals, according to human rights organisations. These losses and the subsequent violations of human rights have left lasting scars on the nation. »


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