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Turkey, Greece resume ‘diplomatic dialogue without preconditions’ in FMs meeting in Ankara

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« Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan extended an offer to Greece on Tuesday, expressing a willingness to restart diplomatic dialogue « without preconditions » to strengthen bilateral relations and address longstanding disputes. Fidan’s comments came during a joint press conference with Greek counterpart George Gerapetritis in Ankara.
« We are ready to continue the dialogue with our neighbour Greece without preconditions and to develop our relations based on common interests in all areas », Fidan announced, signalling a constructive approach to resolving differences between the neighbouring nations. He stressed the importance of adhering to international law and respecting mutual rights and interests in solving ongoing issues.
While acknowledging existing disagreements, particularly in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, Fidan emphasized a shared commitment to explore fresh perspectives and approaches in resolving these disputes. He described the current state of Turkish-Greek relations as a ‘positive new’ era.
Fidan praised the revival of dialogue channels and high-level contacts between Turkey and Greece as a positive development and affirmed their mutual determination to continue this trajectory. On the Eastern Mediterranean issue, Fidan emphasized Turkey’s support for the principle of equitable resource sharing and indicated discussions on the Cyprus issue would continue.
« We are not ‘with our head in the clouds’. We know that the distance and differences that have formed over time between our nations, as well as the dispositions passed on from generation to generation cannot be erased with a single stroke, » said Gerapetritis.
Cyprus has been marred in a long-standing dispute between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Turkey advocates a two-state solution on the island based on sovereign equality and equal international status for both states.
Greece and Turkey have held long-term disputes regarding the sovereignty over some areas in the Aegean sea, leading Greece to elevate the conflict to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. »


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