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Typhoon Haikui displaces thousands, unleashes devastating flooding in China’s Fujian Province

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« Thousands of people were displaced from their homes by flooding in the wake of Typhoon Haikui’s onslaught in Xiamen, China’s south-eastern Fujian province on Tuesday.
Footage reveals overflowing sewers, fallen trees, and the closure of Xiamen railway station, all attributed to Typhoon impact.
The aftermath of this destructive storm has rippled through various sectors, causing the cancellation of flights, extensive disruptions to train travel, and the temporary closure of schools.
In just 24 hours, certain regions of Fujian experienced a staggering 300 mm of rainfall. As Typhoon Haikui made landfall with peak winds reaching 20 meters per second, a total of 114,400 people were forced to evacuate from vulnerable areas for their safety.
Local media reports reveal a tragic incident in the city of Fuzhou. During a rescue mission, a fire truck carrying nine firefighters was swept away, and regrettably, two firefighters are now missing as a result. »


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