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Canada’s PM Trudeau touts strategic partnership with ASEAN during visit to Jakarta summit

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« Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke about the benefits of a strategic partnership between his country and ASEAN member states during the ASEAN summit in Jakarta on Wednesday.
« I welcome the release of a joint statement about cooperating more closely on food security in the coming years. Canada can help in a number of ways, we can contribute to food and energy security. We’re a reliable trade partner (…) we can work together to tackle climate crisis and we’re an excellent investment destination, » he explained during a meeting.
Trudeau earlier announced that Canada would open an export development office in Jakarta and has already appointed an Indo-Pacific Trade Representative to help Canadian companies enter new markets in the region.
The Canadian Prime Minister is set to travel to India next where he will attend the G20 summit on September 9 and 10. »

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