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Chancellor Scholz calls for ‘Germany Pact’ for country modernization in Bundestag speech

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« German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has called for a collaborative effort to modernize Germany in a speech delivered in the Bundestag in Berlin. In his address on Wednesday, Scholz proposed a ‘Germany Pact’ aimed at revitalizing the nation amid current challenges, such as high inflation, energy crisis, global warming or the consequences of the war in Ukraine.
« The Germany Pact starts where the citizens most urgently expect progress, with the energy supply, which must be clean, safe and affordable, with the construction of new apartments and houses, with the modernization and digitization of our infrastructure, with the competitiveness of our companies, with a fast, efficient and digital administration », said Scholz.
Scholz appealed to federal states, municipalities and opposition in the Bundestag, urging them to collaborate in this endeavour.
The Chancellor’s speech came amid the debate surrounding the federal budget draft for the upcoming year, presented by the German government to the parliament on Tuesday. »


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