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Criticism mounts as Biden unmasks near 81-year-old army pilot despite First Lady’s COVID-19 diagnosis

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« US President Joe Biden presented the Medal of Honour to 81-year-old retired Captain Larry Taylor, a helicopter pilot from the Vietnam War, on Tuesday in Washington DC.Captain Taylor, whose actions saved the lives of four American soldiers amidst intense enemy fire, was recognised with the nation’s highest military honour.
 »The Medal of Honour is our nation’s oldest and highest recognition of valour. Now, when I called Larry to let him know he finally was receiving this recognition, his response was, I thought you had to do something to receive the Medal of Honour, » said Biden.
 »Larry, you sure in hell did something, man. If you ask anyone here, I’m pretty sure they’d say something you did something extraordinary., » he continued.
However, President Biden faced criticism for removing his face mask while standing near the army pilot. This decision came despite First Lady Jill Biden reportedly testing positive for COVID-19 the day before.
President Biden initially entered the White House event wearing a black face mask but removed it during the prayer portion of the ceremony, as footage shows. He did not replace it while standing beside Captain Taylor during the Medal of Honour presentation.
It should be noted that President Biden had tested negative for COVID-19 on both Monday night and Tuesday morning, displaying no symptoms, as reported by local media. »


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