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‘Everything is destroyed’ – Three dead, one missing as torrential rains hit homes, caravans on Bulgarian coast

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« Three people were confirmed dead and one was reported missing after torrential rains hit Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, as seen in footage from Tsarevo on Wednesday.
Footage shows the local beach with cars and caravans stranded and heavily damaged. One car can be seen beneath the waves, while locals can be seen collecting the debris into huge piles.
« It was really terrible, » said one of those camping, Teodora Djidova. « We didn’t sleep all night. The children were very scared by the thunder. We never expected that there could be such a disaster here. »
Downed trees could also be seen blocking local roads.
« It took away the bungalows, the caravans, the cars – everything went into the sea, » added one of the volunteers, Emilian Peev. « Everything is destroyed. Take a look. All that the river took and carried to the sea, the sea has now returned to the shore. »
Local authorities declared a state of emergency in the region, with at least 130 people evacuated and all residents were advised to avoid drinking tap water due to possible contamination. »


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