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Japan submits historic 7-trillion-yen defence budget proposal

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« Japan’s Defense Minister, Hamada Yasukazu, emphasised the importance of ensuring the smooth execution of operations, from peacetime to contingency, in response to what he called the ‘increasingly challenging security situation’, following the ministry’s decision to boost military spending, in a press conference held in Tokyo on Wednesday.
On Thursday, the Japanese Defence Ministry requested a historic budget allocation of 7.7 trillion yen (49.1 billion euro) for the fiscal year 2024.
Yasukazu stated that, as ‘the security environment is rapidly becoming more severe’, Japan aims to guarantee the seamless execution of activities across all stages, ranging from peacetime to contingency. In this regard, the National Defense Strategy call for the establishment of a permanent joint command post, capable of offering unified command for the Ground, Maritime, and Air Self-Defense Forces, to be set in Ichigaya in 2024.
« In this way, we intend to promote the fundamental reinforcement of defence capabilities, including the way the SDF system should be structured so that the SDF can protect the lives and livelihood of the people under any circumstances through an even stronger integrated operational system », he added.
The fiscal year 2024 budget proposal, presented to the Ministry of Finance, seeks to augment last year’s budget of 6.8 trillion yen (around 42.8 billion euro) by nearly one trillion yen (6.3 billion euro). If granted approval, this would mark the second consecutive year of a trillion-yen budget expansion compared to the preceding year. »


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