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Metro station flooded after deadly storms cause traffic disruptions in Athens

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« A severe storm struck Athens on Wednesday, causing widespread flooding and traffic disruptions. The heavy rainfall has led to significant challenges for residents and commuters in the city.
The footage features a torrent of water engulfing the Evangelismos Metro station in the Greek capital.
The situation also prompted the temporary closure of the Evagelismos Metro station due to water entering the upper level of the station from its entrances. Trains are passing through the station without making stops as a precautionary measure.
According to media reports, traffic issues have arisen throughout Athens. Police reports indicate that water accumulation has led to the suspension of vehicle traffic on both lanes of Pireos Street, spanning from Petrou Rallis Street to Chamosterna Street.
Poseidonos Avenue, in the direction of Glyfada, has also been affected by traffic interruptions, starting from the exit to Syngrou Avenue, according to local reports. Furthermore, authorities have halted traffic on Constantine Karamanlis Avenue near the Asklepios Voulas Hospital, impacting the flow of traffic towards Athens.
Severe rainstorms have hit different parts of Greece in the last few days, following a summer season characterised by tragic wildfires. At least 11 people were killed in Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria due to the adverse climate conditions.
According to media reports, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis warned residents about ‘totally extreme weather phenomenon’ following the deadly rains. »

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