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Military trial against DRC army officers for shooting 56 civilians kicks off in Goma

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« The military trial of Congolese army officers who reportedly shot 56 civilians in Goma took place in Goma on Tuesday.
According to media reports, six soldiers were charged for their alleged involvement in the deaths of 56 individuals during a military operation aimed at quelling anti-U.N. protests in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo last week. Among the accused are a colonel and a lieutenant colonel from the republican guard.
« The weapons that we are paid for by the State through taxpayers’ money should be used to repel aggression from outside », said Colonel Michel Kachil, representative of the public prosecutor’s office.
Military officers are reportedly facing prosecution on charges of ‘crimes against humanity, including murder, deliberate destruction, and incitement of soldiers to engage in actions contrary to their duties or discipline’, as stated by the military court in Goma. »


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