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‘Our collective vision for the Indo-Pacific is in strong alignment’ – Kamala Harris meets ASEAN leaders in Jakarta

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« US Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at the 11th ASEAN-US summit in Jakarta on Wednesday, representing the United States instead of President Joe Biden.
Harris emphasised that “our collective vision for the Indo-Pacific is in strong alignment. We have a shared commitment to international rules and norms.”
The Vice President also announced that a public-private partnership will open her country’s first cooperation centr ewith the Asian bloc.
« The center will facilitate official ASEAN engagements and support further exchange between our people, businesses and academic institutions », said Harris, after calling it an ‘upgrade’ to a comprehensive strategic partnership.
Before her, the Indonesian president and summit host, Joko Widodo, had opened the meeting, with an speech recalling the importance of relations between the members of the bloc and the United States, highlighting the steps that will ensure prosperous cooperation between the participants.
« This partnership can only be realised only if there is strong commitment between two parties in maintaining peace and stability in the region », he declared. »


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