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‘People are suffering’ – Nigeria unions stage warning strike to protest soaring prices after subsidy removal

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« Government activities at the Federal Secretariat alongside several authority buildings in Abuja were grounded on Tuesday, as many employees participated in a warning two-day strike in response to the government’s decision to repeal a fuel subsidy.
The two-day warning strike was announced on September 1 by Joe Ajaero, the NLC president, after fuel subsidy removal. The largest labour union has warned the government of a potential broader industrial action in case their demands are not met.
The workers who are on strike are requesting a raise in their wages, as they believe their current salaries are insufficient given the ongoing economic crisis and the recent repeal of fuel subsidies.
« People are suffering. Like me, I’m a commercial driver. A week I’ll buy fuel like fifty-something thousand naira, and how much will I gain? People are crying, » a taxi driver said.
Since assuming office in May, Nigerian President Bola Tinubu eliminated the fuel subsidy on his first day, driving petrol prices to nearly triple in the west African country.
Back in August, the unions had previously gone on strike to protest the removal of the fuel subsidy, but they temporarily halted the strike after engaging in discussions with the government.
Nigeria’s biggest workers’ association has also threatened wider industrial action if its demands are not met. »


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