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US tries turning OPCW into ‘their tool of advancing their geopolitical agenda’ – OPCW Representative

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« The United States try turning the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) ‘into their tool of advancing their geopolitical agenda’, Aleksander Shulgin, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the OPCW, claimed at a briefing following his meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad in Damascus on Tuesday.
« [Americans try] to turn the OPCW into their instrument, into their tool of advancing their geopolitical agenda. It’s notorious that the Americans and their Euro-Atlantic allies have been trying – and this is still the case – have been trying to replace the international law with their rules, the set of rules of their own, rules and world order based on their rules. They are violating the international law, the chemical weapons convention in order to sort their agenda, their geopolitical plans, » Shulgin said.
The Russian permanent representative to the OPCW also stated that the Western countries ‘manipulated the facts’ and ‘distorted the truth’.
« I pointed out a long string of provocation, machinations within the OPCW with the idea, with the aim to denigrate Syrian authorities, falsely accused of using chemical weapons and also endless attacks against my country, the Russian Federation, which is accused of supporting, backing the Syrian authorities. Western countries – first and foremost the Americans but also the American allies – without any scruples have been accusing our countries, how they manipulated the facts, how they distorted the truth, » the representative said.
According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Shulgin and Mekdad earlier discussed coordination of action at the OPCW to counter pressure from the West.
On August 26, the Syrian Foreign Ministry denounced statements by the French and US representatives to the OPCW who alleged that Damascus used chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta in 2013. »

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