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‘ASEAN has been an important factor for unity in a divided world’ – UN Secretary-General Guterres at Summit

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« United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed deep concerns about the multiple crises the world is facing right now, during a media conference at the ASEAN summit in Jakarta on Thursday.
« Our world is stretched to the breaking point by a cascade of crisis, from the worsening climate emergency and escalating wars and conflicts to growing poverty, widening inequalities and rising geopolitical tensions. There is a real risk of fragmentation of a great fracture in world economic and financial systems; with diverging strategies on technology and artificial intelligence, and conflicting security frameworks, » said Antonio Guterres.
 »I commend ASEAN and ASEAN member states for their vital role in building bridges of understanding. ASEAN has been an important factor for unity in a divided world, » he continued.
Furthermore, Guterres praised ASEAN’s efforts in defusing tensions in the region, like the South China Sea and the Korean Peninsula through dialogue and adherence to international law.
He also expressed concern about the deteriorating political, humanitarian, and human rights situation in Myanmar and commended ASEAN’s principled approach to the Five-Point Consensus, urging unified international efforts.
Climate change was also a focal point of his address, as he highlighted record-breaking global temperatures in recent months and called for immediate action.
« Leaders must step up the heat now for climate solutions. We can still avoid the worst of climate chaos, but time is running out, and we do not have a moment to lose. I have called for a climate solidarity pact in which all big emitters, and they are the G20 countries that I will be meeting from tomorrow onwards, » stated the Secretary-General.
Finally, Guterres applauded ASEAN for its potential to lead as a global green economic powerhouse and a pioneer in a sustainable energy transition. He underscored the United Nations’ pride in partnering with ASEAN to translate this vision into a reality for the people of Southeast Asia.
The 43rd Summit in Indonesia, the current chair of ASEAN in 2023, includes leaders from ASEAN countries and other non-ASEAN partners and is taking place from September 5-7. »

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