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‘Committed to growing ties’ – Australia’s PM Albanese at ASEAN Summit in Indonesia

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« Australia is set to deepen its economic ties with ASEAN countries in the next decade, said the country’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the 3r ASEAN Australia Summit in Jakarta on Thursday.
« Yesterday I launched a blueprint for Australia’s economic engagement in the region over the next two decades. Authored by our special envoy for South-East Asia Mr Nicolas Moore, invested South East Asia economic strategy to 2040 sets out a practical pathway to deepen our economic engagement, » Albanese said.
« That co-operation is gaining significant momentum since we agreed the ASEAN-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership. Our programme of co-operation is about building a region that is secure and stable, » he added.
Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo said that Australia was more than just a partner for ASEAN countries and thanked Albanese for his commitment.
The 3rd ASEAN-Australia Summit was held within the framework of the 43rd Summit in Indonesia, attended by leaders and delegations from ASEAN countries as well as non-ASEAN partners. The event takes place from September 5-7. »


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