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Happy ‘Bearthday’! Panda twins You You and Jiu Jiu celebrate turning two with special cake in Madrid Zoo

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« Panda twins You You and Jiu Jiu celebrated their second birthday with a special cake in Madrid Zoo, as can be seen in the footage filmed on Thursday.
Footage shows the zoo staff preparing the birthday cake made up of bamboo and different fruits for the panda bears with their names on it. Giant panda twins You You, Jiu Jiu and their mother Hua Zui Ba can be seen enjoying their cake.
« Today is the birthday celebration of our twins You You and Jiu Jiu who were born in 2021, in September, and we have prepared a very special cake with food that they love so they can enjoy their birthday, » said Alejandro Cabrera, a panda bear keeper at Madrid Zoo.
« It is a frozen cake made of blocks of ice with different elements such as bamboo, different fruits that they usually like, all in a set of ice and that comes in handy at this time of the year when it is still warm and they can cool off with it, » he added.
The twins now weigh around 70 kilos, up from 137-171 grams when they were born, and both are fed around 30 kilos of bamboo a day, supplementing their diet with milk, unlike adults who reach 50 kilos.
The giant pandas are a symbol for the Madrid Zoo, being one of its main attractions. »


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