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Spot the harvest! Colourful circles on rooftops of Wuyuan as villagers sun-dry local produce

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« Villagers in Huangling, Wuyuan County, sun-dried their freshly harvested colourful crop of peppers, rice, soybeans and others on their rooftops and balconies, as part of an annual tradition in the area of Jiangxi province on Thursday.
Drone footage shows the bamboo baskets laid out under the sunshine, making the vivid red, green, white and yellow coloured circles, as well as other local produce.
« I came from Shanxi, » said Lu, a visitor. « I saw some beautiful pictures shared by netizens from the Internet, then I came here to have a look, and also to understand that this is a characteristic folklore of Jiangxi, and then after I came here, I found out that it is indeed a very nice view. »
The tradition for sun-drying crops up high is known as ‘Shai Qiu’ and came about due to the lack of flat land in the area. Tourists often come from far and wide to see the famous harvest season sight. »

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